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59 Ways to Tell if You’re a Gaijin, not a Gaikokujin

Written in September 2009, the original 59 ways to tell if you are a cynical gaijin or a newbie  gaijinkokujin in Japan. Readers quickly pointed out bias toward a middle-aged male, American nikkei-from-LA, elitist, snobbish perspective. It’s undeniably got a cynical tone, an American attitude, and Tokyo-centricity. Readers were also great about offering tips and new lines – the best was “you start stereotyping gaijin like Japanese do.” The immediate feedback is very helpful in focusing on the underlying drivers of humor: absurdity, duplicity, incongruity, bias, and perception.

Another 59 Ways to Tell if You’re a Gaijin

Incorporating a wider perspective on what it means to be a gaijin in Japan, this list includes contributions from readers, as well as new perspectives on the different types of gaijin personalities you may encounter if you live here long enough.


  1. Did you know Kelly is interested in becoming a fellow IG? I’m sure that’s in the back K&K’s minds, too.

  2. What about 59 Ways to tell you are a Gaijin-san?

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