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Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Now there’s an old brand and a classically light-bodied, fizzy-sweet American-style beer.
I just had to buy a can of this “World War Two Edition in Memory of US Army” – especially with the black-and-white G.I. Joe graphic.
And, most spectacularly, the “Yes We Can” tag.
What were the marketers thinking? (or drinking?)
Do Chinese consumers really respond to WWII nostalgia?
Or does the nuance of “in memory of US Army” have a more sinister agenda?
What’s next in China marketing?
The adventure continues …
# # #
IG News: In other news, Chinese officials announced today J-20 stealth aircraft will be piloted by superior Chinese mothers.

Review: New from Suntory – Chocolate Sparkling
Visually amused by the graphic design of label with chunks of chocolate floating in the soda.
Aroma is of rich chocolate, creamy, deep, and throaty.
The palette is surprised as the tongue is coated with waves of rich, chocolatey, smooth sensations.
And then the bubbles kick in, adding a tingle to the crispy finish.
Surprisingly long aftertaste.
The overall experience is a testament to the remarkable power of modern chemistry.
Worth a try but I’m afraid to look at the ingredients label.
# # #
In other news, Apple iPad fails to live up to expectations. It doesn’t walk on water.

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