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(Photo: InvisibleGaijin)

TOKYO (IG) — The Guilty Parties Outrageous of El Rocker fashion police arrested two old farts for dressing way out of fashion in the fashionable Omotesando district of Tokyo.

“Let me be clear: old farts must observe the law unless their mommies make illegal political contributions,” commented Prime Minister Yukio “Bird” Hatoyama, “and I still can’t believe that Mao-chan lost the gold to that bitch Kim Yu-na!”

“Old farts should know better than to wear a red parka with jeans this season,” sniffed arresting officer Nattoku Dekinai, “and that backpack is so 1970s!”

Onara “Cho” Kusai, a 75 year-old retiree from Saitama, who was arrested on charges of wearing a blazer and jeans, cried 「だって、埼玉!」as he was led off to jail.

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In other news, Japanese politicians take the Diesel “Be Stupid” advertising campaign to heart every day.

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