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Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Now there’s an old brand and a classically light-bodied, fizzy-sweet American-style beer.
I just had to buy a can of this “World War Two Edition in Memory of US Army” – especially with the black-and-white G.I. Joe graphic.
And, most spectacularly, the “Yes We Can” tag.
What were the marketers thinking? (or drinking?)
Do Chinese consumers really respond to WWII nostalgia?
Or does the nuance of “in memory of US Army” have a more sinister agenda?
What’s next in China marketing?
The adventure continues …
# # #
IG News: In other news, Chinese officials announced today J-20 stealth aircraft will be piloted by superior Chinese mothers.

Our local supermarket is having a promotion on Yanjing beer at CNY 1.98 per can.

Or an incredible US$0.89 (JPY 72) for three cans!

Okay, that’s the case price (i.e., you have to buy 24 cans) but the last time I bought beer in Tokyo, it was JPY210 per can!

Yanjing Beer is a light-bodied, crispy-finishing beer that would be perfect during the summer in L.A. or Tokyo.

At 3.6% alcohol content, Yanjing Beer is less potent than Japanese beers but at this price you can drink a six pack!


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Yanjing is Beijing’s favorite beer. Light-bodied and refreshing yet with nice hop finish. Lovely after humping 300 kilos of luggage from Tokyo to Beijing.