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“Apart and a part of Japan, InvisibleGaijin detects anomalies in the flow, ponders the true nature of life, and pokes fun at anything he can get away with.”  from

InvisibleGaijin is currently writing a novel and screenplay about his life and times in Tokyo, Los Angeles, and the World.


  1. I have a feeling your screenplay and novel are going to do very well. I wish you loads of success. Of all your titles I like “Spin Doctor” the best. I think they are some of the most creative “outside the box” minds in politics and PR. I like “box boy” too for some reason…simplicity itself. Like a “Best boy” or “black guy drinking beer” in the credits of some film (-: Keep up the good work. I’ll be reading. I’m also working on a book though non-fiction about life in lovely Kawaiiland. I’ll meet you at the top of the NYT bestseller lists!
    Ganbarimasyou ne

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