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Monthly Archives: February 2011

BEIJING, China (IG Fashion News) — Spotted: this season’s hot new look: bulky down jacket with fur-lined hood, straight brown hair parted down the center, and face masks – black or faux-Burberry. Fluorescent fuchsia foxtail accessory and fur-fringed cuffs for those who live life on the edge.

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Some poor guy probably got executed for misspelling Beijing on this sign at the Temple of Heaven, even though he got it right the first time.

Confucius say, “Life is in the details. Use a spellchecker.”


In other news, InvisibleGaijin didn’t feel the big earthquake in Tokyo this morning. Probably because InvisibleGaijin lives in Beijing.

Being a native son of California, I was tempted to eat here.

Until I noticed they’d misspelled California.

Good thing they’re closed for Spring Festival!

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Is it just me or do all the rabbits in front of temples in Beijing look like they’re on speed?

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February 3, 2011
BEIJING, China — (IG NEWS) InvisibleGaijin and 1.3 billion Chinese friends wish you a prosperous New Year! May the Year of the Rabbit bring you the best of health, love, and achievement.
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In other news, people who say, “you never write,” never write.