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Oreos. A favorite cookie from my youth. Split the cookies apart, eat the creme, dip the cookies in milk, and you’re there.

So, it was kind of exciting to see Oreos in Beijing. Being able to read Japanese kanji, I could this was a “green tea” flavor. Worth a try, I figured.

Oops, I neglected to read the “cool and minty” part. The cookies look and feel like their American cousins but are less sweet and lack the salty tang that is a hallmark of American cookies.

The creme, however, was kind of a khaki-green color … and the fusion of minty coolness with the full-bodied density of Japanese green tea just doesn’t work for me. I think it’s the minty green tea finish, slightly overwhelmed by the chocolate cookie taste that just doesn’t click.

To be fair, this could just be a case of unrealistic expectations. Or lack of discipline in not reading all the characters. Don’t tell Lǐ Lǎoshī (teacher Li) that the Lazy Laowai didn’t look up all the characters!

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  1. Since I can’t read kanji…I would have tried this too … Although, the green color on the package is appealing, hard to imagine that taste combo and “khaki green” color would be a turnoff for me … I’ll stick to the old fashioned white ones!

  2. Actually, they’re really good! To me at least, all my friends though they were gross. It’s an interesting combo, but it was just sweet enough for the taste.

  3. I totally agree. Saw these in a Beijing convenience store today and I thought “I like green tea. I like chocolate. Could be good.” Boy was I wrong. The minty finish was what destroyed it. Felt like I had just licked some toothpaste from a piece of cardboard. Didn’t stop me from eating the whole package, though (I needed something to eat with my can of Yanjing Dark Beer).

  4. I absolutely LOVE these cookies. I just spent some time in Shanghai and am now back in the US. Does anyone know where I could order these? I cannot find them ANYWHERE! Please help.

    • Hi Amelia,
      Did you find the green tea Oreos anywhere?
      We’re looking for them, too!
      Thanks, Shari

  5. i have some green tea oreo sticks from japan and dam are they good…have not been able to find any green tea oreo cookies yet.

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