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So @doramimy and I are cruising up and down the aisles at Beijing’s Wal-Mart when we spot a familiar brand — Lay’s potato chips — but something is different.


“Cool & Refreshing”

“Cucumber Flavor”

Wow, I’ve got to try this!

The distinctive aroma of fresh cucumber wafts from the bag when I open it. And, sure enough, the expression “cool as a cucumber” pops into my head as I munch the first chip. A curiously refreshing “cool” sensation spreads across the palate, followed by a subtle yet full-bodied taste of cucumber!

Even @doramimy, who isn’t normally a big fan of potato chips, finds these to be tasty and satisfying, much less salty than the chips back in L.A. or Tokyo.

The Chinese believe that foods are either “cooling” or “warming” and that a proper meal balances both elements.

Thus, we bought another interesting flavor to go along with the Cool and Refreshing Cucumber Flavor!

(Continued in Part 2)


  1. Hey, folks are reading your stuff!!

    • Thanks, mom, but I know it’s you writing all the comments under different names!

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