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Steak and chips, pommes frites, meat and potatoes all have their origin in the Yunnan province of China.

Okay, I’m making that up. But the Middle 8th restaurant in the Sanlitun area of Beijing does a remarkable job of serving up “steak and chips” a la Yunnan style in a contemporary setting. It’s a cozy, unpretentious place that serves great food at very reasonable prices.

Very buttery tasting chips, a sweetish tomato-based sauce for the steak, altogether a lovely meal with an old friend and former colleague who has convinced me that Beijing, not Shanghai, is the the cutting-edge of creativity in China today.

We had five dishes, all excellent, but way too much food for about US$12 per person. Remarkable by Tokyo or L.A. standards.

Beijing today seems to be filled with creativity in not only presentation of food but also the fusion of old and new styles.


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