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One of things I thought I would miss upon leaving Tokyo was the annual appearance of the “yaki-imo” man, who sells hot sweet potatoes roasted in stones in a wood-burning stove on the back of the truck.

Not to worry, @doramimy and I were delighted to spot the Beijing version of the yaki-imo man today while wandering around the Sanlitun area. Obviously, this yaki-imo man is using an amazingly engineered bicycle!

As the cold harsh winds from the north sweep into Beijing creating sub-zero temperatures in the big city, it’s comforting to know we can eat a yaki-imo if we feel like it.

Of course, now all I have to do is figure out how to say yaki-imo in Chinese and with the correct tones so the yaki-imo man can understand.

Sigh. Maybe if I sing the song?

“Yaki-imo, ishiyaki-imo … oishii dayo … pokka-poka dayo … Yaki-imo, ishiyaki-imo …”


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