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Despite being functionally illiterate in Chinese, @doramimy and I managed to order two Tsingtao beers with our dinner on our second night in Beijing.

Pleasantly surprised to discover that beer comes in big 600ml bottles in China. Tsingtao is a great German-style beer, full-bodied and robustly flavored. So @doramimy and I proceeded to get buzzed with our roast duck, fried noodles, and boiled veggies.

Even more surprised to discover that Tsingtao is apparently the official beer of the NBA?! As you can see in the photo above, the NBA logo is prominently featured on the label.

At our local supermarket, I picked up a couple of six-packs when a nice promotion lady (there are lots of them in supermarkets here) tried her best to explain that if I bought a case, I would get a chance at the “lucky draw” and maybe win fabulous prizes, like a backpack, cup, tissue box, etc. — all emblazoned with the NBA logo.

I did my best to communicate that I didn’t want to carry a full case the couple of blocks back to our apartment. Lots of confused smiles and hand gestures later, I managed to say “zaijian” (see you again) and escape with my two sixers of Tsingtao.

And, of course, I went back the next day to buy two more sixers, which made the nice promotion lady smile again and gesture, “See, you silly laowai,* I told you to buy a case!”

* laowai = foreigner

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  1. Yeah, i rememeber that brew. Good stuff. She was right! You’ll be back. The Notorious Laowai? I like it!

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