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Tokyo (IG News) — Japan was stunned today when prime minister Naoto “Yes We” Kan confessed that he has been a “sleeper” for much of his political career.

“Let me be clear: I am sleeper,” said Kan, “and I like to nap, snooze, and hibernate too. My Cabinet are all a bunch of sleepers.”

“You lie!,” shouted Liberal Democratic Party chief Sazukazu “Little Dick” Tanigaki, “the LDP was the first to sleep and has been sleeping for the past 60 years! We are the true sleepers of Japan.”

Noted observer of things Japanese @locohama commented, “Dude, there are sleepers everywhere in Japan. On the trains, in meetings, in the futon. Just one of those things.”

Asked for the comment, the Japanese economy said, “Huh? What? I’ve been sleeping for the past 15 years … zzzzz ….”

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In other news, millions of Americans buy tickets to Iran hoping to get stoned to death.

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  1. lol! Thanks for the shout, IG!

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