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(Photo: InvisibleGaijin)

TOKYO, Japan (IG News) — InvisibleGaijin and a team of elite activists risked their lives to secretly film the diabolical Japanese slaughtering and baking of cute little bunnies and turtles.

“Japan claims this is scientific research,” said Hyster Eric, head of People for the Ethical Treatment of Anthropomorphically Cute Animals but Not Ugly Fat People, “but this is clearly intended to flout international conventions on endangered baked goods! Oh my god, they actually eat baked goods shaped like cuddly rabbits and cute turtles!”

“Those dang Japanese should eat American beef!” hollered Betcha Fatass, president of the U.S. Arteriolosclerosis Export Federation, “only cultural imperialists would insist otherwise,” who then keeled over from cardiac infarction.

“There are some countries that eat cows and there are other countries that eat whales or dolphins,” said Zenzen Wakattenai, fisheries division director at the Japanese Foreign Ministry. “A film about baked goods shaped like cows or pigs might also be unwelcome to workers in that industry.”

“Save the Rabbits and Turtles! Kill People!” shouted Peter Rabid, yet another random crazy guy with a gun in America, “If Japanese rabbit and turtle baked goods had concealed weapons permits, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. You talking to me? YOU talking to me?”

# # #

In other news, Japan kills 1000s of whales every year. And 110,000 Americans die from obesity in the same period.


  1. What great names! I love Zenzen Wakattenai and Betcha Fatass, and the org names are great too. My fave: U.S. Arteriolosclerosis Export Federation. good stuff

  2. Thank you, Locohama-san.

  3. Quite a pathetic post, isn’t it?. I mean, the film is about some japanese killing DOLPHINS not rabbits or turtles. Second, was wrong to point a something that is cruel and sadistic?, even if it comes from the USA. I’m a Spaniard, and I see that as sadistic and cruel, but I’m also able to see sadistic and cruel my own country retarded tradition, like the bull fighting, and that also should be banned.

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