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PARIS, Hilton (IG News) — The Japanese film director “Beat” Takeshi Kitano has been awarded the Commander of the Order of Jerry Lewis by France in recognition of his achievements.

French Culture Minister Pepé “Le Pew” Mitterround bestowed the country’s highest honor for artists on Kitano at a ceremony in Paris on Tuesday.

Mitterround said Kitano’s work not only entertains but has a deeper meaning that no one can grasp thus allowing the sort of pretensions to superiority so beloved by French cinema critics. The Minister said he also respects Kitano as a fartiste.

Kitano won the Golden Lion for best movie at the Venice Film Festival in 1997 with “HANA-BI”, a dark tale about a police officer who drinks and smashes his motorcycle into immovable objects. In 2003, “ZATOICHI”, the story of a blind swordsman who hunts whales and dolphins, was given a special director’s award at the same festival.

Asked for comment, Kitano said, “Why not ECC?

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In other news, Sea Shepard turns around, heads to USA to save the People of Walmart.


  1. where did you get this photo of Kitano in a fartiste pose?

    • The pose is a play on Nadia Comaneci, the Olympic gymnast, and her high-cut leotard. This was one of his signature gags back in his Hyokinzoku days, which was his breakthrough as a comic, long before he started directing films.

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