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(Photo Credit: InvisibleGaijin’s Mom)

It’s rare that they get rainbows in Los Angeles – and doubly so for double rainbows.

Oh, those bright lights? Just some UFOs flying past the living room window.

UFOs, aliens, and assorted crazies are commonplace in La-La Land!

I sometimes miss the sheer wackiness of my hometown.

But then I remember I live in Tokyo, a city with its own brand of crazy.

Haven’t seen any UFOs though.

Which is weird since I’m a registered alien.

E.T., phone home.

# # #

In other news, Japanese Prime Minister Yukio “Bird” Hatoyama is rumored to have four words written on his hand: “Need Money? Call Mommy.”

Posted via email from invisiblegaijin


  1. I like the UFO’s too. That rainbow was stunning! Thumbs up on Hatoyama’s four words.

  2. Think I don’t know a weather balloon when I see one, I mean three?

  3. Swamp gas, perhaps?

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