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TOKYO — Japan’s prime minister Yukio “The Bird” Hatoyama, said Wednesday that he wants to present concrete proposals to President Barack Obama next week in hopes of ending a growing rift between his new government and Washington over an American military air base in Okinawa.
Mr. Hatoyama did not disclose the content of the proposals except to say, “Cement, sand, and gravel. Mix well. Pour.”
Foreign MInister “Kit” Katsuya Okada denied allegations the concrete proposals would also include crushed limestone, retorting, “Ridiculous! Everyone knows Japanese gravel gives superior tensile strength to concrete.”
Defense Minister Toshimi “And that’s not Sashimi” Kitazawa currently touring Guam’s strip joints, shooting galleries, and duty-free stores, stated, “Boy, Guamanian concrete sure is niiice!”
Okinawan Governor Hirokazu “Okazu-ya” Nakaima stated, “We have suffered enough. The Ryukyuan people want both Japanese and U.S. concrete out now. Ryukyu Libre!”
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In other news, Tiger Woods announced his own economic stimulus program and began pumping millions of dollars in hush money into the economy.

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