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The dance pair Maneki Neko Duck, Miroka Hima, Miss Singularity Japan 2008, and Any Won Willdo, Miss Singularity from TriniLopez and Tobacco 2012, were allegedly caught on a sex tape with her boyfriend, Crasher “Why, it’s a Gallery” Squirrel.

Maneki Duck, the top in the now infamous dance pair, squawked and spit, “AFURAKKU this, bee-yach!”

“NYAFURAKKU yo’ mama, anitis mo’fo!,” riposted Maneki “Boke Bottom” Neko, scion of a long line of maneki-neko of the Gotoku-ji sect who was disowned for his instant internet meme, “once duck, never buck.”

Currie Postjean, a former Miss California who lost her crown following the release of pre-enhancement nude photos and sex video, quipped, “Rogue! Betcha that got the I-read-shukanshi-in-kanji-thus-I-am-god Gaijin in Japan going!”

“Three is definitely not enough,” commented ThE_ReAL_Trini_Lopez, best remembered for his performance in The Dirty Dozen and number one hit, “If I Had a Hammer, You’d be my Nail.”


In other news, Oprah Winfrey announced the end of her show after a quarter century, “Ain’t no way I can beat Tamori, so might as well give up while I’m ahead.”

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  1. Sorry to post this here, but I couldn’t find any other contact details for you on your site invisiblegaijin. Thanks for the link to my site on your blogroll, but it looks like the address is wrong…. It should be… I enjoy your site, and I’ve added a link to your site on my blog too…

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