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(Disclosure: is a client of a client. This is an unpaid advertisement. Testing 1-2-3. YMMV;)

A recent survey by the Japanese newspaper, Daily Yomanai, reveals Japanese men of all ages are obsessed with their underwear, to say nothing of the J-girls who love them for it.

Fashion-conscious young so-shoku danshi (herbivore men) choose the classic fundoshi loin cloth and middle-aged old fart ojisan are going Lady Gaga over pastel yakuza irezumi prints.

Self-professed gaijin with love/hate relationship with Japan, Fuzakeruna Konogaijinme, commented, “Japanese salarymen always turn inwards in recessions, peering into their navels in hopes no one notices they don’t do shit at work. Underwear that makes your balls feel good always sells.”

“The essence of wabi-sabi is the elegant understatement of one’s fashion policy,” explained noted designer, Hanae NanikaTsukkomu, “it’s definitely not about in-your-face gaijin-ism. Sort of like pissing on one’s own face in a didactic metaphysical Bauhaus kind of way.”

Joe “Dick” Wilson, purported 2012-is-the-end-of-the-world-according-to-the-long-Mayan-calendar-Republican-Wing-Nut-Tea-Party-presidential-candidate, said, “嘘つき!” and invoking the over-used Kanye West internet meme, “Yo, I’ma let you finish but Beyonce wears the best underwear evah.”

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In other news, Japanese killer gets plastic surgery, gets busted.

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