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Roasted Corn Flavored KitKat!

Nestle’s KitKat chocolate snacks undergo a magical transformation in the hands of Japanese marketers. Unique flavors like roasted corn, baked potato, and apple vinegar delight (or disgust) many visitors to Japan.

Clearly, the KitKat brand extension strategy is aiming for both publicity and micro-segmentation of target audiences in hopes of creating a “boom” hit product.

The Japanese consumer has been conditioned to expect a constant stream of “new” products – industry sources tell InvisibleGaijin that new products must cycle every 2.5 months or you can’t get shelf space at 7-11 convenience stores in Japan!

InvisibleGaijin has obtained a top-secret list of proposed KitKat flavors that failed. Here are some favorites.

“Ethnic” Flavors Series

(5) 豚キムチ (Kimchi Fried with Pork)

(4) Aussie Tiger (Meat Pie with Mash, Mushy Peas, and Brown Gravy)

“Oyaji” (old guy) Flavors Series

(3) Nama Shirako (raw cod testes)

(2) Pseudo-Beer + Cigarettes

“Celebrity” Flavors Series

(1) Noriko Sakai Signature Series: Roasted Crystal Meth (comes with 42 straws)

If you could propose a new KitKat flavor, what would it be?


  1. I’d love a Kani Miso flavor!

      • invisiblegaijin
      • Posted September 4, 2009 at 10:40 am
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      My lovely wife @doramimy would agree! I’m not a fan of kani miso despite many years here. Mimy’s happy because I always give her mine!

  2. Is there any chocolate in these Kit Kat or have they completely thrown out the original concept in Japan?

    • They are all chocolate+wafer based! I’m just not sure I want my chocolate to taste of roasted corn or baked potato.

  3. What’s wrong with Roasted Corn flavor??!?!

    Thanks for the laughs, KK!

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