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Now you can design a custom box for your KitKats!

Taking the idea of consumer-generated content to the extreme, Nestle Japan’s site lets you choose design templates, add your own photos, and write your own copy.

Japan is one of the most successful markets for KitKat and the brand is a cultural touchstone for many people. Nestle Japan very cleverly and adroitly aligned the KitKat brand with wishing students good luck on their entrance exams using a play on the Japanese words, “kitto katsu” (you will certainly win!).

The Japanese love for “kawaii” cuteness, personalized photos/messages (think “purikura”), and sending seasonally themed gifts will make this a sure hit. Price? JPY 2100 (about US$22) for a set of 10 boxes.

KitKat is also renowned for its incredibly diverse selection of flavors. Wisely, Nestle has included links to online shops where you can get the latest flavors like baked potato and roasted corn!

Too bad you can’t create your own flavors!

Or maybe that’s next?


  1. you know, I wondered what the fascination with Kit Kat was. Thanks for the intel. I was thinking “now why not Oh Henry or Babyruth or Butterfinger. They were classics too”

    • Lots of “interesting” examples … 80% of global Frisk sales are in Japan! 80% of profit of LVMH is generated in Japan, etc., etc.

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