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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Picture 4

The Liberal Democratic Party, which is expected to lose power for only the second time since the end of World War II, announced a new slogan: “Revere the Emperor, Expel the Barbarians” for the upcoming elections in August 2009.

Prime Minister and LDP Chief, Taro “Dick” Aso, commented, “Hell, I can’t even read the kanji – is there a manga version?”

The Democratic Party of Japan is headed by Yukio “I see dead people” Hatoyama, who commented, “Damn, wish I’d thought of that. Very pithy. Where can I get a t-shirt?”

The new slogan has sparked controversy in the foreign community.

Arubaito Debuhito, loud voice of dissent in the boonies, said, “Foreigners shouldn’t be discriminated against, they should be treated with dignity and respect. Except the ones who disagree with me or leave nasty comments on my blog. Cut of their heads!”

In other news, millions of citizens applaud the LDP pledge reduce Japan’s CO2 emissions by reducing the number of Diet politicians by 30%.