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Japanese media has been fanning the flames of panic in its breathless, melodramatic, musically-enhanced coverage of the “battle at the borders” against H1H1 Novel Influenza.

Since the first cases of H1N1 infections were detected in Japan, however, the number of people confirmed with H1N1 infection has skyrocketed, shattering the media-perpetuated myth that “it’s an overseas disease” and that somehow the disease could be “stopped at Japan’s borders.”

So, naturally, the administration of Prime Minister Taro “Dick” Aso launched an “important” public service announcement trying to calm the populace down. 

Contradicting itself repeatedly, the PSAs basically tell the public, “the sky is falling!” but “don’t panic!” 

* Don’t relax your guard against infection! If treated early, there’s nothing to fear!

* Don’t worry! Your government has stockpiled Tamiflu for 38 million people!

* If you become symptomatic with high fever and coughs, don’t go to a hospital! Call the H1N1 Fever Hotline in your neighborhood first!

Let’s hope that those suffering from ostracism, the “blame game” (and H1N1 influenza) recover quickly.

Let’s be angry at cynical TV networks that will clearly do anything, including inducing a panic, to increase their pitiful ratings. Bastards.

Let’s laugh at stupid politicians who try to “look presidential” but end up looking dorky and making things worse.

For those with a sense of humor, here’s a link to the PSA, with English subtitles added for better comprehension.


  1. I guess they’re overly sensitive after Asia’s poor record reacting to SARs and bird flu

    • The government is actually implementing the H5N1 (avian) flu emergency plan, which is a good thing although it’s now clear that H1N1 is a highly contagious but relatively mild influenza that atypically is infecting young people more than elderly.

  2. I was so scarrrred…
    Media here learned all the American tricks of the trade for increasing viewership through panic, only they forgot to be consistent.

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